Used Industrial Shelving, Multi Shelf Level RiveTier 1

Our latest used industrial shelving system acquired by Sanyo will be available for delivery in mid October 2010. This is a multi-level shelf system suitable for small parts storage applications such as electronics, carton storage and small bin picking system.

RiveTier 1 Used Industrial Shelving

This is a multi-level used boltless shelving system designed for small boxes such as electronic parts, carton and bin storage.

50+ sections of RiveTier 1 boltless shelving. 10 shelf levels with particle board decking included.

  • 48″ wide x 24″ deep x 84″ high
  • Low profile shelving, single rivet beams
  • Light to medium duty capacity
  • 1-10 units, $88.00 each
  • 11-49 units, $78.00 each
  • 50+ units, $68.00 each

Unique RiveTier 1 Style

Double the amount of space in your warehouse with multi-level RiveTier 1 shelving system.

RiveTier 1 Carton Boxes Storage System

Thousands of small carton boxes can be organized for a efficient picking system in any warehouse environment.