Used Industrial Storage Racks, Southern California

Large selection of industrial storage system. All materials are used, and in excellent condition. No damage, few stickers, various types of configurations can be designed with these materials.


  • Green frames and orange beams
  • Interlake Frames: 32″ Depth x 192″ Tall
  • Old Style Teardrop and New Style
  • 3″ x 1-5/8″ columns
  • Interlake Step Beams: 106″ Wide x 4″ Tall

Used Hand Stack Warehouse System

Create several aisles in your warehouse dedicated for a specific product picking. These aisles can be for order selection, product storage, or both.

Wire decks are as a safety feature, which helps prevent product fall-through, and are ideal for storage where product and pallet sizes vary. Decks can be custom ordered to fit many racks and shelving. Learn more about wire mesh decks for pallet rack and shelving

Dedicated Picking Aisles

In this picture you can see a storage configuration using the floor level for pallets while the beam levels are reserved for hand stacking.

Customized Pallet Rack

We can customized this system by cutting frames and using different size beams that are compatible with this pre-owned system.

Storage Racks with Rolling Ladder

Industrial storage racks in a hand stacking system will require safe access to top rack levels, depending on the height.
Most of the time, we have used rolling ladders for sale, which are generally stored at our San Diego corporate office, and can be delivered throughout California.