Used Mecalux Pallet Racks, Southern California

We purchased used Mecalux pallet racks, one of the best looking racks in our stock right now. When our regular customers relocate to a new facility, they may upgrade their system to maximize space at the new location. This pre-owned pallet rack system is in perfect condition and can be also the next upgrade of your warehouse.


  • Blue Frames and Orange Beams
  • Mecalux Frames: 42″ Depth x 216″ Tall
  • Old Style Teardrop
  • Step Beams: 96″ Wide x 3-1/8″” Tall

Selective Pallet Rack System

We have a higher standard of quality when acquiring material handling pre-owned equipment.

The accumulated years of experience working with warehouse relocation in California enable us to package and transport all your material handling equipment safer and faster.

Delivery Services

Our yard is located in Ramona, CA but we deliver and install throughout California.

Expand and Maximize

We can design a more efficient layout in your existing space using pre-owned selective pallet rack system.

Pallet Rack Package

can purchase warehouse equipment at really good discounted prices if your buy a bigger number of parts to build your system.