Design Build Storage Warehouse Systems

C&SS oversees the coordination and completion of larger projects by working with multiple contractors, architects, management, and inspectors. Deadlines are set and progress is monitored to keep projects on schedule and within budget costs.

AutoCAD™ and the combination of other software are utilized to prepare proposed layouts and submittal drawings for permitting. The drawings are usually generated from sketches, field measurements and design criteria, and display components and features of the storage system and how it is integrated into the existing building layout.

Warehouse Technical Drawings

Technical drawings displaying minimum clearance requirements.

  • AutoCAD to prepare proposed layouts and submittal drawings for permitting
  • Structural engineer drawings and calculations
  • Accurate project budgets and setting overall timelines
  • Purchasing materials and equipment, and scheduling ship dates
  • Installation planning and scheduling
  • Preparing submittal drawings, arranging inspections, and obtaining final building permits

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Move Pallet Rack Systems

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Job site supervision and management.
Our installers can help move pallet rack systems any other type of storage systems to another location or warehouse facility. We provide services to “relocate” storage systems including teardown, packaging & shipping, and re-installing the system at your new warehouse location.

During this time we can provide you with AutoCAD drawings illustrating the most efficient use of the new space for your specific storage requirements. Building clear height, exit and dock door locations, and column placement are some factors that are considered when determining your new layout.

Operation needs, type of storage product, and turn-over time are important in the design phase to maximize production and efficiency. We work closely with our structural engineers to obtain all necessary drawings and component calcs in order to submit to the city and obtain building permits.

Building Permits

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Coordinating with multiple contractors.
Conveyor and Storage Solutions can assist our customers through the permitting process and help them obtain their building permits. To successfully make it through the permitting process one must have a good understand of the following:

  • City codes
  • Building codes
  • ADA requirements
  • Fire requirements
  • Safety requirements

Obtaining building permits is a time consuming process which can easily take up to 4-8 weeks. With the experience and knowledge of designing and building storage solutions, C&SS would like to form a partnership with companies to effectively reach their goals of material handling.

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