UNEX Dynamic Racking for your Order Picking Process

Order Picking Solutions with UNEX Dynamic Racking

Purchasing UNEX Dynamic Racking has made the workflow in our factory smooth and seamless. Our company has encountered many problems operating the business day in and day out. We consistently have to tinker with sub-par conveyor system problems. These problems can pop-up with bad equipment and that was not something we wanted adding on to our daily routine. So fortunately for us, UNEX Dynamic Racking is everything we need in a picker process.

Our company needed more space to accommodate our growing business. So we needed a solution that allowed us to maximize the space we had available without crowding our warehouse and impeding our walking space. UNEX modular system was a perfect fit and a great solution for our warehouse.

We constantly process heavy custom sports vehicle pieces. So we needed something that would stand up to thousands of hours of heavy metal equipment constantly moving across it. UNEX has been durable and stood up to the test, after uncounted hours of heavy use these racks still work like the day we bought them.

unex fow cell

Ergonomic and Reduces Risk of Injury

Our company cares about our employee’s health. So the time spent reaching and lifting needed to be as ergonomic as possible to reduce injury chance and make sure our workers weren’t making body movements that were potentially uncomfortable. With the carton flow racks, we’ve noticed an increase in employee morale, and less lower back pain.

Because we now have flexible dynamic storage, changing layouts around to accommodate a new workflow has never been easier. But our company has new product lines coming in all the time. We constantly have to rethink the way we organize product. Being able to think ahead and re-position racks and lines at a moment’s notice are a necessity. With the UNEX modular racking system, it’s been a snap.

UNEX Flow Cell

The ease of adjusting the multi-layered flow cell has allowed us to increase factory flow and through-put so we can focus on getting the most out of all of our warehouse space. With limited space available, being able to get the most out of every square foot is a high priority. With UNEX Flow Cell modular racking we don’t have to worry about how we can accomplish that.

The purchasing process has been easy and painless. Conveyor and Storage Solutions made the whole process a breeze. When we searched for a new racking system to replace our old worn out one, we stumbled across C&SS. C&SS has been there for us every step of the way. We naturally had a few questions about the product, but they were patient and ready with the answer to every question we had. With the the ease of UNEX dynamic racking assembly, and the modular layout potential, this has been some of the best valued equipment in our warehouse.