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Designed by: Josh Elgan

Pallet Racking System for Mining Equipment Business

Artisan Vehicle Systems Inc. | Camarillo, CA


Project Overview:

A company that manufactures underground mining equipment was interested with upgrading their current warehouse space with the use of Pallet Racking Shelves.


New Pallet Racking Install to Mining Equipment Warehouse

Underground mining equipment is manufactured by Artisan Vehicle Systems, Inc. Battery packs, electric motors, power electronics, software and control systems, mining loaders, and trucks are all available from the company. Artisan trucks are the original equipment manufacturer of zero emission battery driven mining vehicles based in California, the birthplace of electric vehicle technology.

Artisan's underground mining loaders and haul trucks are built from the ground up to use the latest vehicle engineering concepts and to improve the performance of its high-capacity, highly reliable, and field-tested battery electric powertrains. It is their mission to design vehicles that will make a difference in the world.


Easy Access & Staff Safety with Catwalk Installation

Having a custom installed pallet racking system is the best way to provide your facility with the peace of mind. As result, all your valuable inventory will be secure and protected. There is no question that a leading business that makes underground mining equipment would need this exact solution. Our Conveyor and Storage Solutions, Inc. design experts brainstormed numerous types of racking systems on the market that would enable the warehouse to make use of all the entire space. After carefully considering the pallet racking weight capacity and pallet rack pricing, the application exceeded the safety and quick turnaround that our client so desired.

Our solution, a multi-level breathtaking catwalk installation accompanied with wire mesh decks to complete the storage of their mining equipment needs!


Pallet Racking System Pictures

Mining Vehicle Equipment business has the installation of a Pallet Racking System in facility:

• Allow for mining inventory and materials to be securely stored in warehouse

• Hannibal Teardrop Uprights, 24" deep x 96" tall - Green

• Hannibal Step Beams, 72" long x 2-1/2" face - Orange

• New Wire Mesh Decks, 24" deep x 36" wide - Gray


Pallet Racking System Pictures