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Direct Mount Speed Regulator

Pallet Flow Racking (MFG)

Direct Mount Speed Regulators provide a necessary control mechanism to maintain a safe, measured pallet flow or speed as they advance down the lane.


Direct Mount Speed Regulator for Immediate Control of Pallets

Direct Mount Speed Regulator provide the necessary control mechanism for maintaining a safe, measured speed pallet as they come down the lane. The speed regulator acts as a kind of braking device slowing the pallet and preventing it from gaining too much speed in the gravity-inspired process. Slowing the pallet provides better monitoring of the lane which helps to maintain that the pallet arrives squarely with the lane opening at the pick face, so that providing quicker and easier removal of the forklift.

Direct mount speed regulators are positioned at the top for instant load contact and are suitable with most types of wheel and roller tracks: Heavy Duty Roller Pallet Flow Rack, Heavy Duty Skate Wheel and Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow Rack. Direct mount speed regulators are most often used for low-profile and ground-mounted pallet flow rack systems. Speed regulators are available in light, medium and heavy duty choices to best meet your inventory needs and for pallet flow.

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  • Controls pallet speed
  • Improves pallet tracking
  • Compatible with most pallet flow types and load capacities
  • Ideal for freezer applications
  • Durably constructed to last in tough warehouse environments


  • Compatible with Magnum wheel, steel skate wheel, and 4”BF split roller pallet flow
  • Available in light, medium and heavy-duty options
  • Load weight variance is approximately 800#