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Heavy Duty Skate Wheel

Pallet Flow Racking (MFG)

Heavy Duty Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Racking from Mallard Manufacturing helps streamline your warehouse operations. It is essential for fast efficient workflow in the modern warehouse.


Heavy Duty Skate Wheel for Pallet Flow at a Competitive Price

Heavy Duty Skate Wheel Pallet Flow is a inexpensive alternative for gravity flow. Heavy Duty Skate Wheel Pallet Flow is not lightweight. Our Heavy-Duty Skate Wheel Pallet Flow racking is both robust and adaptable with unique mounting hardware and attention to detail design that helps us stand out from each other.

The high-performance, alloy wheels are manufactured in all factory conditions to bear the reliability test. The galvanized finish safeguards against rust and corrosion. Typically defined for shallow depth lanes (2 to 5 deep) and adaptable to pallet racking of all major manufacturers. Our pallet flow is designed to ensure smooth, consistent flow from load-end to pick-side with both inline and staggered lanes options available to meet your inventory needs, pallet size, and weights up to 2000#.

Heavy Duty Skate Wheel Pallet Flow racking design is mounted to the floor to help alleviate typical housekeeping problems, make debris easy to access and remove dust.

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  • Accommodates all pallet sizes
  • Adaptable to all major manufacturers’ rack
  • Both inline and staggered configurations available
  • Rugged ball-bearing construction
  • Custom mounting brackets for secure, low-profile, heavy-duty use
  • Minimal maintenance


  • 50-300 lb. wheel capacity
  • 1.9″-2.25″ wheel diameters
  • Loads under 2000#