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Double Wide (HMH)

Double Wide Drive-in Rack offers great storage density. High-volume cold-storage industries like food and beverage processors benefit from the high efficiency of Double Wide Rack.


Maximize Productivity with High-Density Storage

High Density Beverage Storage Systems like double wide drive-in pallet racking are high-density storage solutions found in many warehouses throughout the world. It affords operators an economical solution for palletized storage while still furnishing some of the best stocking concentration in the industry. Double wide drive-in racking achieves this density rather simply. The racking structure is constructed of the very same uprights normally found in selective rack, but with each bay configured to be 2 pallet positions wide. Rails inside the bay go from as few as 2 (double) pallet positions deep all the way up to (typically no more than) 10. Drive-in racking has the same vertical limitations as any other rack system, which are determined by seismic conditions and fork truck mast height. Drive-in systems derive their rigidity from an “anchor bay” – which is essentially a selective double bay of racking. This anchor bay is situated at the back of the racking structure. Whereas the front column connections to the rails use arms that protrude horizontally into the bays, the two rear column positions sport structural beams on which the rails sit. This anchor bay allows for the front column locations to do without typical beams due to the rigidity of the structure itself. In deeper rack systems, horizontal (affixed to the top of the rack structure) and vertical (affixed to the rear of the rack structure) bracing provides a method for loading to travel to the anchor bay, which is essential in ensuring loading is adequately controlled. Two pallets side by side are loaded onto the horizontal rails and stored back-to-back for extremely dense storage. As palletized product at the pick face is removed, forklifts with special “double wide” forks enter the racking structure, ‘driving-in’ until the target product is reached.

High-Volume Refrigerated Warehouse Save Money

High density beverage storage systems is a great choice when it comes to a LIFO (Last-in, First-out) storage system. This system is a smart choice when operators have small SKU counts with a large volume, where selectivity is generally not prioritized, or when operators require high density beverage storage systems. Large refrigerated coolers, cold storage warehouses and freezers moving a high volume often feature drive-in rack, as it is cheaper and easier to maintain temperature in a full cooler versus an empty one. Eliminating multiple access aisles also affords drive-in a big advantage over traditional pallet racking systems where square footage (or the lack thereof) is a concern. Examples of companies preferring double wide drive-in rack include the food and beverage sectors, large-scale grocery stores and other temperature-sensitive commodity businesses. Refrigerated semi-truck trailers are designed to fit two pallets side by side, and using double wide rive-in rack makes any company using these trucks see a significant improvement in performance.

Increase Employee Safety and Improve Overall Efficiency

Hannibal Industries is a leader in Double Wide Drive-in pallet rack. They offer both roll form and structural steel construction, with structural being the popular choice due to its strength. Space saving arm design coupled with heavy-duty saddle connections compliment the sturdy and durable construction of Hannibal’s Double Wide Drive-in rack. While Double Wide Drive-in rack is inherently more prone to forklift collision damage simply due to the nature of the design, solutions abound. Hannibal’s numerous safety accessories offer durable solutions, with bolted column protectors, end row guards and more able to take the brunt of any potential damage and keep your warehouse running at optimal capacity. High quality powder coat finishes compliment any warehouse while also helping to fight corrosion and keep things looking sharp.

With Conveyor & Storage Solutions as a longtime partner and now Master Dealer of Hannibal Industries, the perfect Double Wide Drive-in racking design system is just a phone call or email away. With decades of experience designing and installing all manner of racking systems, C&SS is a perfect choice for any size warehouse with high-density storage needs. It may seem a daunting challenge constructing taller or larger storage systems in warehouses and businesses located in high seismic areas such as Southern California, as permits and structural calculations drive up costs and complication. With a trusted industry leader like C&SS in your corner however, these are simply building blocks on the road to the perfect Double Wide Drive-in storage solution for your warehouse!

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