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Interlake Pallet Rack Beam 6

Interlake Pallet Rack Beam

Interlake pallet racks are an industry standard. Interlake steel corporation was established in 1964. Their influence in the material handling industry been key in the fundamental development of pallet racks, drive in/drive thru, mezzanines, bulk storage, and cantilever rack.


Interlake Beams – General Information


Used pallet rack beams, Interlake old style (round rivet) 4 pin connection.

We can generate an AutoCAD™ layout with the information collected. Then we submit a final layout design and budget for approval. Once the parts are ordered and shipped to your warehouse we can install the new system. We can also assist you with the permitting process.

Warehouse Space Planning design is critical in order to optimize storage capacity and product selectivity while minimizing operating cost. Column and doorway placement, local building & fire codes, slab and soil specs, product requirements, warehouse size and SKU management systems are considered when designing a new layout. Please feel free to call any of our friendly staff at (619) 255-1428, or Email us using the form on the left.

Interlake Pallet Rack Beams


Used pallet rack beams, Interlake new style (oval rivet) 3 pin connection.

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