Wiremesh Decks

Wire Mesh Decks

Our wiremesh decks fit a wide variety of pallet rack beam types including step beams, box beams and structural channel beams, and are also available for industrial metal shelving and boltless shelving.

Wiremesh decks are the most popular storage rack option in the warehousing industry, acts as a safety feature to help prevent pallet fall-through, and meets fire codes for high piled combustible storage. Wire mesh decking is ideal for hand stacking cartons and provides a deck shelf for storage of various product sizes and changing inventory.

Inside Flat Flush Wiremesh Decks

#1 Distributor and Supplier

With over 100,000 pieces of wire mesh decks in stock nationwide, we have the largest distribution and supplier network. Our complete selection of sizes and choices, allow us to offer the most competitive pricing and availability. Whether you need standard sizes, or custom designed wire mesh decks, we are your one-stop solution.

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How to Order Form: Wiremesh Decks for Pallet Racks

There anr many options and sizes to consider when ordering wiremesh decks. To assist in our request for quote, some questions regarding you pallet rack sizes and weight capacity requirements need to be answered. Visit our how to order form wiremesh decks for pallet racks for easy instructions, illustrations, and quick quote form.



Standard step wire decks are designed with the channel supports resting inside the step beam, and are the most common style of deck for warehouse pallet racks.



Universal flared wire decks are designed with flanged-end channel supports, so they can rest on top of box beams, structural channel beams, and step beams.

Inside Waterfall


Inside waterfall wire decks are designed with the channel supports resting on the step beam, have an inside waterfall, and keeps the face of the beam clear for labeling.

Flat Flush Fit


Flat flush fit wire decks are designed with the channel supports and the wire mesh resting inside the step beam, and keep the face of the beam clear for labeling.

Inverted Step


Inverted step wire decks are designed with the channel supports inverted to help reduce debris and moisture build-up, and are used in food storage and clean rooms.

Inverted Flared


Inverted flared wire decks are designed with the channel supports inverted to help reduce debris and moisture build-up, and are used in food storage and clean rooms.

Upturned/Reversed Waterfall


Upturned reverse waterfall wire mesh deck with back stop is designed with extra wire supports upturning at the back-end. This is to completely stop pallets or boxes from falling.

Flat Deck for Shelving


Flat deck for shelving is designed for industrial shelving, bulk shelving, and boltless shelving, and fit most Z-beams, single rivet beams, and double rivet beams.

Wire Deck Accessories


We offer a complete line of wire mesh deck hanging dividers, backstops, and flue stops. They help maintain boxes from falling off the rear of the storage racks, and organize product goods.

Shipping Wire Mesh Decks Nationwide

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Replacing Solid Wood Decks with Wire Decking


Based on our experience, the most common upgrade requested by local fire authority is replacing solid wood decks of any kind, with fire-approved wire mesh decking. Plywood used as solid deck on pallet rack systems can function as barrier for fire suppression sprinklers, and not meet building codes for high pile storage.

High Piled Combustible Storage


High pile permit is required for storage of combustible materials. An application for permit, including plans and specifications, must be submitted to the local Building Department for review and approval. Additional information must be submitted including the building floor plan with the storage rack layout, elevation of beam levels, location and classification of commodities, usable storage height, fire suppression and detection system details, sprinkler deflector height with commodity clearance, aisle sizes, egress and exit plan, and location of fire department access doors.

What Are Fire Inspectors Looking for Inside a Warehouse?


Fire inspectors look for many things inside a warehouse, but pallet rack decking is on top of their list. Commercial and industrial warehouse areas that use a fire suppression system, in combination with pallet rack storage systems, are required to meet local and statewide fire safety standards. Wire mesh decks with 50% openings can be a good solution for high pile storage applications.

Upturned or Reversed Waterfall Wire Decking


Decking with the rear waterfall turned up can serve as a backstop, and prevent boxes and cartons from being pushed off the back of the rack and fall, or into the wall. When upturned reverse waterfall wire mesh deck with back stop is installed, boxes and products will become protected.

Wire Deck Design: Gage, Pattern, and Support Channels


The anatomy of a wire deck consists of the wire, and the channel supports. Wire thickness and number of channel supports are considered when designing for specific applications. Load capacity, beam length, upright depth, and equipment use help determine the design requirements. The wire diameter is generally 2 gauge, 4 gauge, or 6 gauge, and constructed with a 2.5″ x 4″ wire pattern. There are typically 3 channel supports on standard deck sizes, and 4 channel supports on wider decks. Other size wire patters available below:

  • 2″ x 4″
  • 2″ x 3″
  • 4″ x 4″
  • 1″ x 4″
  • 2″ x 2″

Uniformly Distributed Loads


The strength and firmness of the wire deck is usually expressed in total deck capacity, assuming a uniformly distributed load. Therefore, point load capacities must be analyzed during the design process. For standard pallet storage, most of the pallet weight is resting on the pallet rack beams. Aligning pallet loads on a pallet rack system is important for safety, and for maximizing the deck capacity. For undersize pallet storage, and hand stacking storage, uniform distributed load needs to be satisfied.

Wire Decking for Pallet Racks


Galvanized wiredecks waiting to be installed on a cold storage room.
Wire decks maximize storage utilization for warehouse pallet rack, and meet high pile storage requirements of fire and building departments. This low-cost pallet rack option is available in many sizes and strengths to meet standard and custom size solutions.

Painted and Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking


Galvanized wiredecks waiting to be installed on a cold storage room.
Warehouse cold room & freezer applications will need to be galvanized in order to avoid deterioration from liquids, salts, and other harmful elements. Outdoor storage systems can also take advantage from galvanized decking systems.

Wire Mesh Deck Hanging Dividers, Backstops, and Flue Stops


Wiredeck accessories can prevent boxes from falling off the racks.
We offer a complete line of wire mesh deck hanging dividers, backstops, and flue stops designed to prevent cartons and boxes from falling off the rear of the storage racks, and carton stops to maintain fire required flue spaces between items.

Custom Pallet Rack Wire Deck with Solid Back Stop


We can design specific warehouse solutions for your project.
Besides all the typical line of standard wire deck sizes and configurations, we can custom design and build wire decking for your specific project. The example above shows a solid back stop that provides both load protection and flue spacing stop between double row racks.