Warehouse Racking Systems Can Help You Save Space and Money

Warehouse Racking Systems Save Space with Organization

If you’re looking to organize your warehouse, or if your inventory has become too much for your storage space, warehouse racking systems may be the solution. Allowing you to utilize all of your available space, pallet racks keep your merchandise easily accessible by pallet-jack and forklift.

There are a number of different styles of pallet rack, and choosing the right one for your warehouse or storage space can make a world of difference as regards how efficiently your existing space is utilized. The selective rack and the drive-in (or drive-through) racks are two of the more popular types.

Selective pallet racks are ideal for companies or storage areas that maintain lower levels of inventory. A few pallets per SKU number is what the selective pallet rack is designed to accommodate.

For distribution centers or storage areas that store large amounts of inventory for shorter periods of time, the drive-in pallet rack is the option to explore. Built to store a larger number of pallets per SKU number, the drive-in pallet rack also keeps your merchandise easily accessible. The drive-in rack adds 85% to your storage space when compared to selective racks.

Pallet Flow Racking 6L

For even larger inventories, pushback rack systems are ideal. Pushback systems offer the highest concentration of storage space of any rack system.

Warehouse racking usually comes in a width of either eight or twelve feet per section. This way, it is able to accommodate two or three pallets per shelf, respectively. The height of each shelf is adjustable on most rack systems, allowing you to customize every individual unit to your business’ unique storage needs.

Disorganization and overcrowding due to inefficient use of space can make inventory control a nightmare. Products may be misplaced, lost, or even buried and forgotten about completely. Needless to say, any loss of product is a loss of money. By installing the warehouse rack system that best suits your storage needs, you’ll make sure your inventory is always where it should be, present and accounted for.

Speaking of inventory control, the shelving on most pallet racks is easily labeled and incorporated into your existing (or new, or future) warehouse management system. Also, sealed and counted pallets remain visible, making pre-counting for your yearly inventory that much easier.

Rack systems can protect your inventory in other ways too. In the event of a flood or weather event, you’ll be glad to know that your most valuable stock is up and off the floor.

Which style racking system is optimal for your warehouse or storage space depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the amount of inventory you keep on hand and how often merchandise is rotated. Often times the ideal organizational situation for a company will employ a mix of standard shelving and a variety or two of pallet racking systems.

If you’re having problems with space optimization in your warehouse, consider pallet racks. Sturdy and efficient, racking systems can add exponentially to the amount of storage space available to you.