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Catwalk Storage System

Catwalks are multi-level storage systems that are designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse by using catwalk aisles and employee access stairways. The storage and retrieval process is performed by the employees and eliminates the use of heavy equipment such as forklifts and order pickers.

Multi-level catwalk systems maximize storage density in your warehouse. Catwalk systems have narrow pick aisles, reduced cross aisles, and less wasted warehouse space. These systems can be made from custom fabricated rack components, or standard shelving components.

Catwalk Rack Storage Systems
Catwalk rack systems.

Catwalk Rack Storage Systems

Catwalk rack storage systems are composed of custom fabricated pallet rack components which uses less material parts than industrial shelving. Rack components provide the maximum span and capacity for catwalk storage.

Used catwalk shelving systems
Used catwalk shelving systems.

Catwalk Shelving Storage Systems

Standard shelving components can be used to create a catwalk shelving storage system. We have thousands of parts in our current inventory to help design a used catwalk shelving storage system for your material handling needs.

Catwalk access stairways
Catwalk access stairways.

Catwalk Stairs

Catwalk stairs are the best way for employee access to the different catwalk levels. All stairs and handrails are designed to meet the code requirements of your area. Standard stair widths are 36" with skid-resistant diamond plate treads. Stairs with closed risers, wider or smooth treads, unusual angles and runs, are available.

Catwalk decking
Catwalk decking view from floor level.

Catwalk Decking

Catwalk deck surfaces include bar grating, high density wood, sturdier floor on B-Deck, diamond plate or metal decking, moisture resistant, concrete, and heat treated decks. Some of these decking features make catwalk flooring capable of withstanding heavy duty pallet jack and cart loads.

Catwalk loading zones and safety gates
Catwalk loading zones and safety gates.

Catwalk Pallet Loading Zones

Pallet loading zones are a basic way for loading and unloading pallets into a catwalk storage system. We offer a custom 'rolly' gate in conjunction with pallet loading zones to provide maximum safety.

Catwalk with conveyor systems
Catwalk with conveyor systems.

Catwalk Conveyor Systems

An economical way to move products on and off catwalk systems is with the use of an inclined conveyor system.

Catwalk with Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
Industrial material lifts.

Material Lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

For catwalk storage systems with a medium to large activity of products, using a material lift, or vertical reciprocating conveyor is the best solution. This ergonomic machine transport materials to the different floor levels of the catwalk system, eliminating the need for pallet loading zones.

Catwalk Systems Installation
Catwalk Systems Installation.

Catwalk Systems Installation

Our catwalk installation department can help install Multi-Level storage systems, Catwalk Shelving Systems, Catwalk Stairs, Catwalk Decking, and Catwalk Pallet Load Zones.